Linda Berube
Linda Berube Counselling
Trauma Counselling, Port Moody BC


“The roots of trauma lie in our instinctual physiologies. As a result, it is through our bodies, as well as our minds, that we discover the key to its healing”

Peter Levine.


Trauma refers to any event resulting in an overwhelm of the nervous system; an overwhelm that cannot be processed physiologically and emotionally and therefore is “frozen” in the body. Small "t" trauma includes all instances that occur in our daily lives that are repressed or deemed insignificant. In time unprocessed emotions can lead to depression, anxiety, physical ailments, addictions, mental health concerns, and an inability to live life to one's potential.

I believe that there is a way of releasing blocked energies and fixed patterns as we bring awareness to body sensations, emotions, the imagination, and other elements of the right hemisphere of the brain. Somatic Transformation is a gentle approach based on attachment theory that emphasizes the development of a safe therapeutic relationship and focuses on emotion regulation in the present moment to allow for past trauma, including small “t” trauma, to emerge and be transformed, leading to a greater integration of body, mind and soul. Clients thus have the possibility to explore their true self and re-discover their vitality.